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Meetings are held at Hartington Grove Friends' Meeting House, from 7.30 pm to about 9.30. Hartington Grove runs between Hills Road and Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge.

Non-members are welcome to attend these meetings (except the Annual General Meeting) at a charge of £3.

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Tuesday, 2. Apr 2019 - The link between poetry and prose


Leanne Moden

All writers seek to convey a message, a story or a feeling through their work, but writers of prose and poetry often work in very different ways. As a result of this, many people believe that the two types of writing are polar opposites, and so different as to appear almost incompatible. But this is simply not the case. There is a huge amount of overlap between poetry and prose, and the lessons that poets can take from novelists, and that novelists can learn from poets, should not be underestimated. Join poet and writer Leanne Moden for a talk about the links between poetry and prose.

Leanne Moden is a poet and performer from Norfolk, now living in Nottingham in the East Midlands. She has performed at events across Europe, including recent sets at Prima Vista Festival in Estonia and Día Mundial de la Poesía in Spain as well as festivals in the UK including WOMAD, Edinburgh Fringe, TEDx UCL WOMEN at University college London, and Bestival on the Isle of Wight. Leanne is currently Poet in Residence at the National Justice Museum in Nottingham, and she runs the Crosswords Spoken Word Collective in Nottingham.

Tuesday, 7. May 2019


Anne Atkins

Anne Atkins has written three novels, all with a Cambridge aspect: The Lost Child, On Our Own, and A Fine and Private Place. Her fourth (working title: An Elegant Solution) follows the life of the child protagonist of On Our Own, living in the famous Cambridge College where he sang as a chorister, now working as a Junior Research Fellow in number Theory. Demonstrating to an eager supervisee that, contrary to popular opinion, it is in fact possible to trace the provenance of cryptocurrency (bitcoins), he never thought to uncover such horror...


Tuesday, 4. Jun 2019 - Flash Fiction Competition


This is a members-only competition. Bring along a printed story of not more that 250 words. It must have a title, although this is not part of the word count. Stories will be read aloud anonymously by a single reader to ensure a uniformity of delivery. Members will then cast votes to determine the winner.

Tuesday, 1. Oct 2019 - Interactive Storytelling


Hannah Hooton

Hannah Hooton will give the presentation "Interactive Storytelling: The Art of Reader Engagement", which explores different creative writing techniques that help to give our readers a more personal and immersive experience with heightened emotional impact.

Hannah is the author of eight indie-published novels, writing both adult equestrian romance and Young Adult paranormal mystery, with two number one Amazon bestsellers within their genre. She has won or placed in numerous international writing competitions. A screenwriter as well as a novelist, she is presently teaching screenwriting at Anglia Ruskin University where she studied a Writing and Film Studies bachelor's degree followed by a Master's degree at the University of East Anglia in Creative Writing.

Tuesday, 5. Nov 2019 - The Art of Illustration


Amanda Hall

Amanda Hall is an award-winning illustrator, renowned for her wonderfully decorative and colourful children’s book illustrations. She excels at capturing the visual worlds of different cultures, their peoples, animals and landscapes as well as their spiritual traditions.

Amanda will give us an introduction into the art of illustration and talk about her latest book, 'Out of this World', is the fascinating story of Leonora Carrington, a girl who made art out of her imagination and created some of the most enigmatic and startling works of the last eighty years.

Tuesday, 3. Dec 2019


Jane Carter Woodrow

Jane Woodrow is a local writer, writing for TV, eg, In Suspicious Circumstances, The Bill, The Thieving Headmistress etc.  Also she is a criminologist and crime author appearing on news programmes, documentaries and factual dramas about serial killers. Her books "Rose West: the Making of a Monster" and "After Evil" - telling the true story of a 17-year old whose mum was murdered by the Yorkshire Ripper - are published by Hodder & Stoughton. Her thriller "Between Two Worlds: a Detective Hoban Novel" won an honorary award at the San Francisco book festival. Jane was educated at London  and Cambridge Universities, where she became a research fellow and associate. She has just completed her fourth book on crime.

Tuesday, 4. Feb 2020 - Short Story Competition Judging Event


The annual Short Story Competition is judged this year by Una McCormack who has given us a presentation in September, 2018.

Una teaches Creative Writing at Anglia Ruskin University. She is an expert on Science Fiction and Fantasy, author of a number of tie-in novels to Star Trek and Dr Who.