The Pig Shed


Breffni Everingham discovers the body of her Uncle Charles in a shed. He has been murdered. His unexpected death brings relationship difficulties within the family to a head. Simmering resentments explode, allowing shocking personal and family histories to seep out of the chaos.

At times dark and emotional, the novel is full of humour, and it paints a colourful picture of life in a small community, and the interactions of the people within it

First to arrive on the scene following Breffni's discovery of the body is Garda Malone, a sarcastic bully who finds it impossible to behave either well or objectively. Hidden behind his harassment of the family is the memory of an unrequited love for Breffni's mother, awakened when he sees Breffni for the first time.

Relations and friends gather: Breffni's sister Corry and her brother Henry, who is one of the few calm members of the family; the Bish, Charles's brother and a retired bishop, arrives before Breffni and her sister Corry break the news to him and his anger is almost explosive; Breffni's sanctimonious Aunt Edith sides with him; Aloysius, Aunt Edith's adopted son plays a greater part as the story develops. Mikey Farraher, Charles's ancient neighbour is sure it was tinkers. Hadn't there been a spate of cow-stealing lately? Who else but a wicked, thieving robber could have done such a thing to his old friend? All are subjected to questioning by Garda Malone, whose inefficient investigation weaves in and out of the story, stirring up anger and strong passions as he conducts his enquiries. The story gathers momentum, weaving a path through a series of events which finally lead to the murderer.

The Pig Shed is available as an e-book on Kindle.