Meet Merlin. He's the cat who wishes he had a magic wand. There are problems at home. His owner, Angie, has married Dick, and Merlin really doesn't like him. Dick's negative attitude and cutting comments would depress any cat, but Merlin is feisty, and he stands his ground. Dick's daughter Celine, her boyfriend Maffs, and his son Reg have become a part of Merlin's life. He has strong opinions about them.

Even independent cats need friends and Merlin's very best friend is Bumface. He hangs around with Scrotak, a quiet cat who has recently moved in, with plucky Percival and his sister Petal.

Ah, neighbours: Merlin wishes Ginger didn't live next door. The man is nosy and nasty. Antonia, who lives the other side, is ancient and well-meaning, but dotty. Not the best cat-sitter!

Interspersed with Merlin's story are anecdotes about his friends, and other cats.

CATalogue is available as an e-book on Kindle.